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Run NST X Applications On A Remote X Server Display

This section shows one how to set the "X Display" to a Remote X Server prior to starting up your web browser (i.e. firefox) for running an X Application launched by the "NST WUI". Case 1: Connect to a probe's "NST WUI" and run an X Application on a specific X Server. The script below is an example on how to do this.

#! /bin/bash

# IP Address of the NST Probe...

# IP Address of the remote X Server...

# X Display setting for remote X Server...
# DISPLAY=":8.0";

# Allow remote X connections from the NST Probe...
# Note: This needs to be run on the remote X Server...
/usr/bin/xhost +"${PROBE_IP_ADDR}";

# Start up the firefox browser with the "xdisp" set to
# a remote X server with cooresponding display setting...
/usr/bin/firefox https://${PROBE_IP_ADDR}?xdisp=${REMOTE_IP_ADDR}${DISPLAY}

The "xhost" command needs to be run on the "Remote X Server" to allowed the "NST Probe" to make connections to this "Remote X Server" for displaying the "X Application". One can see that the "xdisp" variable needs to be set to the "Remote X Server" host name or IP address and corresponding "Display" setting.