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System Utilities

ISO Recorder (Burn ISO Images)

By default, Windows does not include the ability to burn ISO images to disk.

The free "ISO Recorder" utility can be used to burn ISO images to disk. This utility is available for both Windows XP and Windows Vista. However, version 3 does not appear to support SATA attached drives.

See: "" for more information.

Network Utilities


The article: "How To: Transfer your PuTTY settings between computers", demonstrates how one can transfer their PuTTY settings from one system to another. In addition to the author's excellent example of exporting and importing the necessary registry settings, user comments at the bottom of the article provide alternative methods.

Presentation Utilities

Zoom In Utility

The Windows Sysinternals folks have created an excellent "Zoom In Tool" for the Windows desktop. This tool can be quite useful for magnifying and annotating a detailed rendered NST WUI page for operational use or for a presentation. Use the following link to get: ZoomIt