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This step is not typically required when you plan on continuing work in the same major release area. For example, if you just produced a 18 release and expect to continue supporting it and possibly having more 18 maintenance releases, you will likely not need to update the variables mentioned below.

If necessary, you should change the value of the RELEASE and/or RELEASE_LAST variables at the top of the include/data/configure.in script to their logical values.

The following assumes that you just published a 18 release and are now planning on moving to a Fedora 20 base.

This should be set to the version just released (18 in this example).
This should also be set to the version you will now be working on. Since, in this example, we are moving to a Fedora 20 base, it should be set to 20. Had we decided to continue using Fedora 18 as the base, it would be left at 18.