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Create the Release Manifest

You should create the file: "include/manifest/release-${VERSION}-${SVNREVISION}.xml" (if it does not yet exist). Initially, this should be a copy of the file: "include/manifest/current.xml".

[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ cd include/manifest
[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ cp current.xml release-18-4509.xml
[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ svn add release-18-4509.xml

NOTE: This should have been done earlier in the release process (if you had to do it now, then you skipped a step).

Edit File Information

  • At the start of the manifest file, you will need to change the released attribute to true.
 <release released="true">
  • Make sure that the version and SVN revision are set correctly in the top information section:
 <date>Sun Jul  3 15:24:51 EDT 2016</date>
  • In addition, you should check the "<files>" entities to make sure that the MD5 values are set correctly for the files you published. Here is a template of the entities you are likely to need to add/update:
   <file id="iso64">
     <label>ISO (64 bit)</label>

   <file id="tar.gz">

Note: The MD5 values will need to be updated for your release!

Commit The Updates

Don't forget to commit your changes after modifying or creating the release XML file.