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The size of the complete NST distribution is well over "1.0GB" and can not fit on CD media. Some systems may not have a DVD drive or support booting from a USB drive. The NST Minimal ISO image was designed to handle this situation allowing one to build out a full NST distribution onto a system which can not boot directly from DVD or a USB drive. The ISO contains all necessary files to perform a initial NST hard drive which can then be upgraded to a full NST distribution.

Warning.png The NST Minimal ISO should only be used for a NST hard drive install. To complete the full NST installation will require downloading more than "1GB" of additional RPM packages.

Warning.png The NST 2.16.0 release (in 2012) will be the last release of the NST distribution which support the minimal to full installation method as there can't be many systems with sufficient horse power to run NST yet are only able to boot from CD media.

Procedure To Complete A Full NST Install From The NST Minimal ISO

  • Download the NST Minimal ISO image.
  • Burn the NST Minimal ISO image to CD media.
  • Boot the NST Minimal Live CD using the "Console" menu entry.
  • Install NST Minimal Live to a system hard disk partition using the NST script: "nstliveinst".
  • Restart and boot from the hard disk installation.
  • Login with user: "root" using password: "nst2003".
  • Go to the NST Pro site and download the registration script and follow the instructions to enable the NST Pro yum repositories.
  • Update the system to a full NST distribution using: "yum install nst-live @gnome-desktop @sound-and-video @graphical-internet".
  • Run: "nstpostupdate" to complete the full NST installation.
  • Remove the file: "/etc/nst/boot_run_once"
  • Reboot the system.