HowTo Set Google API Key

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  1. Use "Getting Started" or "Click here" to “Create Project”. Call it anything you like.
  2. Once you’ve created the “Project”, look for the list of links under “Google Maps APIs”.
  3. Click on “Google Maps JavaScript API” and then click “Enable”.
  4. Click “Go to Credentials” – or, on the left sidebar, click “Credentials”.
  5. Under “Where will you be calling the API from?” select “Web Browser”.
  6. You’ll now be on “Step 2”. Under “Name” anything you like – possibly the name of your website.
  7. Under “Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web sites)” enter your website’s exact URL
  8. Click “Create API Key”.
  9. Copy the string of text listed beside “API KEY” and paste it in the NST WUI input field for "Google API Key".