HowTo Remote Connect to a Mate Desktop Session Using the Vino Server

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This section briefly describes how to connect to a user Mate Desktop Session using the Vino (VNC) server. NST includes the "mate-vino" package which allows the connection of a Mate Desktop Session using an external VNC client.

Enable Vino on a Mate Desktop

Use the following configuration widget: "Remote Desktop (Mate Vino Settings)" to enable the Vino server and thus access via VNC to the Mate Desktop.

Access to the "Remote Desktop" widget from the Mate Menu:

System --> Preferences --> Other --> Remote Desktop (Mate Vino Settings)

Mate Vino Settings Widget

HowTo Verify that the Vino Server is Running

One can use the NST script: nstvncadmin to verify that the Vino server is running:

[root@E6540 ~]# nstvncadmin -m list -v;
PID     USER       DISPLAY       URL                                 SERVER
=====   ====       =======       ============================        ===========
6534    nst	   :0            N/A                                 vino-server

Vino on NST 32 or Later


The "Remote Desktop (Mate Vino Settings)" widget is no longer supported. Use the dconf Editor to manage Vino settings. Vino setting are located using path: org -> gnome -> desktop -> remote-access.


Now start the user specific vino service:

[nst@localhost ~]$ systemctl --user status vino-server.service;