HowTo Remote Connect to a Mate Desktop Session Using the Vino Server

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This section briefly describes how to connect to a user Mate Desktop Session using the Vino (VNC) server. NST includes the "mate-vino" package which allows the connection of a Mate Desktop Session using an external VNC client.

Enable Vino on a Mate Desktop

Use the following configuration widget: "Remote Desktop (Mate Vino Settings)" to enable the Vino server and thus access via VNC to the Mate Desktop.

Access to the "Remote Desktop" widget from the Mate Menu:

System --> Preferences --> Other --> Remote Desktop (Mate Vino Settings)

Mate Vino Settings Widget

HowTo Verify that the Vino Server is Running

One can use the NST script: nstvncadmin to verify that the Vino server is running:

[root@E6540 ~]# nstvncadmin -m list -v;
PID     USER       DISPLAY       URL                                 SERVER
=====   ====       =======       ============================        ===========
6534    nst	   :0            N/A                                 vino-server

NST 32 or Later


The "Remote Desktop (Mate Vino Settings)" widget is no longer supported. Use the dconf Editor to manage Vino settings. Vino setting are located using path: org -> gnome -> desktop -> remote-access.