HowTo Generate a 3D Pie Chart of nDPI Detected Protocols

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NST enhances the results generated from the ndpiReader command by visualizing the detected protocols with a 3D Pie Chart proportionally sized by their associated packet size. NST uses code from the RGraph 2D/3D Javascript Charting Project for producing the 3D Pie Chart. The ndpiReader command leverages ntop's nDPI (Deep Packet Inspection) Library to analyze a network packet capture.

The "nDPI Decode" button found in the decode section of both the Single-Tap and Multi-Tap Network Packet Capture pages is used to generate the 3D Pie Chart Capture Analysis.


The image below serves as a reference for the 3D Pie Chart Capture Analysis of nDPI Detected Protocols. Active control as defined in the call-outs.

3D Pie Chart Capture Analysis of nDPI Detected Protocols