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This page briefly shows example steps on how to create a Public Repo for selective RPMs. An example public repo creation for NST 34 will be shown hosted at a2host.

Create Top Level Local Directory Paths For RPMs To Be Published

These paths mimic that on the public repo server (e.g., a2host).

mkdir -p /home/nst/f34/x86_64/noarch;
mkdir -p /home/nst/f34/x86_64/x86_64;

Copy RPM To Be Publish Over To These Directories

Copy already created RPMs from the NST Pro Repo 34. This example includes RPMs: nstwui, nstwui-filesystem and snort.

cp /home/nst/repo34/yum/repo/noarch/nstwui-34-1010.nst34.noarch.rpm /home/nst/f34/x86_64/noarch;
cp /home/nst/repo34/yum/repo/noarch/nstwui-filesystem-34-1010.nst34.noarch.rpm /home/nst/f34/x86_64/noarch;

cp /home/nst/repo34/yum/repo/x86_64/snort-2.9.18-62.nst34.x86_64.rpm /home/nst/f34/x86_64/x86_64;

Sign The RPMs

Sign all new RPMs in the repo.

 rpm --addsign /home/nst/f34/x86_64/noarch/nstwui-34-1010.nst34.noarch.rpm /home/nst/f34/x86_64/noarch/nstwui-filesystem-34-1010.nst34.noarch.rpm /home/nst/f34/x86_64/x86_64/snort-2.9.18-62.nst34.x86_64.rpm;

Create The Repo

Create a RPM repo under the NST home directory: "/home/nst/f34/x86_64"

createrepo -v /home/nst/f34/x86_64;

Upload Repo To The Public NST Repo Server

Send the entire repo to the public NST repository.

rsync --delete -avh /home/nst/f34 a2:public_html/repo/nst;