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This page contains a list of tasks in the current work queue.

Task To Be Done

After 2.11.0 Release

RWH: Evaluate Cacti ( to the distro (snmp graphing).

RWH: Check out the web based interface to NAT connections package: At Site: See Demo at:

RWH: Checkout OpenQRM could be another tool to help in a big scenario, with several servers (Datacenters).

RWH: Look at

RWH: Look at

RWH: Look at (SAT)

RWH: Look at SSLdump? (from Tracker)

RWH: is a wonderful front end for Tobi's RRD (which is the next-gen MRTG) and would (imho) be a valuable addition to NST. If Cricket isn't deemed right, there are a variety of similar tools @ ml (not to mention all the RRD tools a Google search might find, like ganglia?)

RWH: IPPLAN is the best by far TCP IP address management software and tracking tool, it also extends to do DNS administration (forward and reverse zones, import existing zones via zone transfer), configuration file management, circuit management (customizable via templates) and storing of hardware information (customizable via templates).

RWH: Another SourceForge member (datta_sid) suggested that we add the OSSIM ( ) package to the NST distribution. It looks like a nice "pull everything together" tool. We should see how difficult it would be to add it to the distribution (and how much effort is required to configure it).

RWH: Windows 2000/XP/2003 NTLM and LanMan Password Grabber By fizzgig and the Team

RWH: Firewall category. Shorewall, Dansguardian, Squid, OpenVPN, Bridging. Great additions for a Network Security "Toolbox". But please, no red and green networks. AARRRGGHH!!

PKB: It lookes like provides a open source encrypted file system that works in both Windows and Linux. We should check it out and see about adding it to the distribution.


  • PKB: Add instructions for the partitioning of a blank/raw hard disk to the NST Wiki hard disk installation section.
  • PKB: Add article to Wiki on using Kismet with GPS and then viewing results in Google Earth using the NST. Add link to wikipedia page as well (when complete).

Completed Tasks

  • RWH: Fixed the /etc/rc.d/init.d/ntop script so people can configure ntop from the WUI and still use the standard service controls to manage the ntop service (currently its broken).
  • PKB: Update build release docs (move from technical docbook file to Wiki like Firefox).
  • PKB: Update Final ISO Build Scripts.
  • RWH/PKB: Review/update HTML pages (broken @macros, relevant content, ...).
  • PKB: Make sure docs directory still build.
  • RWH: Clean up ntop interface to use "service ntop kill" (worry about fixing "service ntop start" later).
  • PKB: Review %Post (PKB)
  • PKB: Need to finish up Nessus and Inprotect.
  • PKB: Need to disable sguil for now - we can add it back later via yum update if desired.
  • PKB: Fix kismet (in particular remove kudzu look at other auto detect options).
  • PKB: Finish review of NST Update Page...
  • RWH: Post search for LIVE_ROOT. README.nst/LICENSE.nst on ISO top level directory
  • PKB/RWH: Make sub 700MB ISO for CD boot then yum install nst-live to get rest.
  • PKB/RWH: Try to remove nstwui dependency on phpSysInfo and upgrade phpSysInfo.
  • PKB: Create process and build stuff to support a NST yum mirror set instead of a dedicated yum repository.
  • RWH: Decide if we want tcptrace on x86_64 - only available on 32 bit.
  • RWH: Review app for inclusion - added hammerhead as an RPM to the NST Distro...
  • RWH: Create our own version of the p7zip package with the UNRAR plugin enabled as Ron really really wants to be able to extract RAR files and isn't happy with the unrar package. Here are Ron's notes:
  • RWH: Icons (Gnome/NST Menu), Helper startup script fails...
  • PKB: Add new page "Video Examples" to provide a reference to videos generated by people using NST.
  • RWH: Finish snort alert tool section in WUI.
  • PKB: Check out pkb's assortment of wireless cards for the latest Fedora kernel.
  • PKB: Review snort pages.
  • PKB: patch nikto/niktorat.
  • PKB: Review/test Minicom Terminal Server Access Page.
  • PKB: Review/test Monitor Serial Page.
  • PKB: add root permissions/ownership test.
  • RWH: update to latest wireshark release v1.0.3
  • RWH/PKB: update to latest Fedora 8 kernel...
  • RWH: Finish DOM tooltip look for new @nstWikiPage("")...
  • RWH/PKB: Add any NST WUI - NST Wiki references...
  • PKB: updates for latest Fedora 8 firefox release
  • PKB: Force NST Editor to top of Page when entering
  • PKB: Force Vertical Input scroll bar on NST JavaScript Console
  • RWH: Fix standard tooltips to DOM Tooltips on info section of browse page...
  • RWH: Create close icon for "Resultant Window" - NIC adapter...
  • PKB: Add server-status server-info to apache config and reference in menu/index
  • PKB: Add http-ping app
  • PKB: Add Copy/Move action to NST File System Browser WUI page
  • PKB: Add ssh/telnet java applet to Minicom Access Server Page
  • RWH: Add serial port chk using lsof for with config form...
  • PKB: Check out nikto implementation
  • PKB: Review latest Nmap NST WUI page