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Use the make release target to produce the initial set of files (source, ISO, ...). Several of the files produced will be released to the world at large. Producing them takes a LONG time.

[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ make release SFUSER=YOUR_SF_ACCOUNT_ID
Attempting to check out current source code...

... lots of messages as it checks out a fresh copy and builds
    resulting files will be under: nst-VERSION-SVNREV directory ...

[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ 

Currently, the following files will be built:

The source code which was previously "tagged" for the release.
The ISO image of the full NST Live distribution.
The release notes text file to be uploaded to SourceForge.

NOTE: The ${RELEASE} value shown above will include the version and Subversion revision number (like: 24-7974).