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Bandwidthd is a bandwidth trending tool. See

You can gain access to the bandwidthd management page by selecting

NSTWUI > Networking > Monitors > bandwidthd.

Choose an interface to monitor, and start the process.


bandwidthd will not start

bandwidthd crashing

If you see that bandwidthd will not stay up, you should check your /var/log/messages log for any warnings.

PeteHoffswell has seen that running bandwidthd in it's default network of can lead to a

bandwidthd IP_NUM is too low, dropping ip...

kernel: Out of memory: Killed process 9183 (bandwidthd)

followed by memory overflows and the killing of the bandwidthd process.

To fix, simply define the local networks with the -s directive in the NST bandwidthd page.