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Increasing Maximum Object Size

By default, squid only caches files (objects) which are 4MB in size or less. The following shows an adjustment to the file: "/etc/squid/squid.conf" which increases the maximum size to 600MB:

#  TAG: maximum_object_size     (bytes)
#       Objects larger than this size will NOT be saved on disk.  The
#       value is specified in kilobytes, and the default is 4MB.  If
#       you wish to get a high BYTES hit ratio, you should probably
#       increase this (one 32 MB object hit counts for 3200 10KB
#       hits).  If you wish to increase speed more than your want to
#       save bandwidth you should leave this low.
#       NOTE: if using the LFUDA replacement policy you should increase
#       this value to maximize the byte hit rate improvement of LFUDA!
#       See replacement_policy below for a discussion of this policy.
# maximum_object_size 4096 KB
maximum_object_size 600 MB