Manual Package Updates

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Currently, there are no packages which have "add-ons" which need to be manually updated.

  • The Metasploit exploits need to be manually updated to the latest version by hand before building the final release.

Packages Which Are Updatable

Some other packages also have the notion of "updates", but these are either done automatically during the build process, or manually by the end user.

  • The clamav package should ship with the latest signatures (this should be automatic in the configure/build process).
  • The nikto package has a update feature, but at this time it is not done prior to build the ISO image.
  • The Nessus package allows one to update rules, but these rules can not be re-distributed. Hence the end users need to do this on their own.
  • The Snort package is similar to Nessus.
  • The GeoIP databases are similar to Nessus.