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What Java Run Time Does NST Come With?

We build the NST with the Java Run Time Environment from Oracle.

This run time environment is used to run several of the Java applications, applets and Java Web Start utilities used in NST.

What Types of Java Programs Can I Run?

Java applications, Java applets and Java Web Start applications should all work out of the box.

If you need to develop Java code, or run Java Servlets and Java Server Pages you will need to install additional packages from the Fedora repositories and/or external web sites.

Why Isn't the Java Software Development Kit Included?

From our understanding of Oracle's licensing, one is only allowed to distribute the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Distributing the Java Software Development Kit is not permitted.

Even though we don't distribute the Java Software Development Kit, you can download it and install it directly from Oracle.

Why Does /root/.java Get So Big?

This directory is where many JAR files are cached.