HowTo Shutdown NST Using A USB Flash Drive Install For Relocation

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Preparing NST For Relocation Using: "/sbin/halt.local"

If you are using a "USB Flash Drive" hard disk installation, the following file: "/sbin/halt.local" (contents are shown in the depiction below) can be created so that the "USB Flash Drive" can be relocated to any other system that supports booting from a "USB Flash Drive". During an NST system shutdown, this file will be executed. It uses the NST script: "nstboot" with the "--move" option so that hardware specific information will be removed and recreated by "udev" during the next system boot on potentially an entirely different machine.

  • Note 1: The file: "/sbin/halt.local" if found will be executed by the script: "/etc/init.d/halt" during the shutdown process of an NST system.
#! /bin/bash

# Source function library...
. "/etc/init.d/functions";

echo -n "Preparing NST for relocation:";

# Prepare for move on each shutdown...
/usr/bin/nstboot --move;

if [ ${?} -eq 0 ]; then
  echo_success;         # signal success...
  exit 0;
  echo_failure;         # signal failure...
  exit 1;

Copy the "Bash" script contents above and create the file: "/sbin/halt.local"

  • Note 2: Make sure that the script: "/sbin/halt.local" is executable:
[root@probe ~]# chmod +x /sbin/halt.local
[root@probe ~]#