Final Merge From Development Area

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Revision as of 06:33, 7 June 2020 by Paul Blankenbaker (talk | contribs) (Updated for NST 32 release)
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Before building a release, make sure that all of the updates to your development area have committed and merged into the repo.

To verify that your dev area is up to date and committed:

[nst@nst-repo dev]$ svn update
Updating '.':
At revision 11990.
[nst@nst-repo dev]$ svn commit
[nst@nst-repo dev]$ svn status -u
Status against revision:   11990
[nst@nst-repo dev]$ 

If you have not created the repo area yet for release, do so now with an svn cp command similar to the following (replace USERID with your SourceForge login):

svn cp svn+ssh://${USERID} svn+ssh://${USERID}

Use the svn info command to verify that the Last Changed Rev value in the repo area is greater than or equal to the value in the dev area.

[nst@nst-repo dev]$ svn info
Path: 32
Relative URL: ^/dev/32
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: b5e161f0-cc72-4f2a-9017-da5bd5071a9c
Revision: 11991
Node Kind: directory
Last Changed Author: pblankenbaker
Last Changed Rev: 11990
Last Changed Date: 2020-06-07 07:23:17 -0400 (Sun, 07 Jun 2020)

[nst@nst-repo dev]$

In the output above, we see that the dev area is at revision 11991 as is the repo. Had the repo area been at revision lower than 11991, a merge will be required. To perform the merge, follow the instructions found on the Subversion Notes page.