Build and Upload NST Virtual Machine

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This is a optional step as the NST Virtual Machine can be built by any user using a NST ISO image.

Use the following guidelines when building the NST Virtual Machine file: "nst-vm-${VERSION}.${HWARCH}.zip":

  • Extract the VMware configuration ZIP file nst-vm-live-${VERSION}.${HWARCH}.zip on the machine you will building the NST Virtual Machine.
  • Copy the full NST Live ISO image file nst-${VERSION}.${HWARCH}.iso to the extracted folder.
  • Launch VMware using the appropriate VMX file for your system. It should boot the ISO image that was placed in the folder.
  • Follow the instructions for creating the NST Virtual Machine as documented in the nstvmware script.
  • Upload the resulting file: "nst-vm-${VERSION}.${HWARCH}.zip" to SourceForge and add it to the release.