Update/Add Manifest and Release Links

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As we've created a new release, you should review links that are release and manifest related. Within the HTML documentation, you can locate the release related links by examining:

  • The NST related links at the top of the links page (update file: html/links.html).
  • The rules to generate the HTML version of the manifest (update file: html/include/make/makefile).
  • Bump the release number for the nstweb package (update file: yum/pkgs/nstweb/pkginfo.xml).
  • Add a %changelog entry (update file: yum/pkgs/nstweb/template.spec).
  • Finally, update the NST Feature Release information section in the file: html/welcome.html with the following:
    • Verify/Update the release date
    • Verify any Kernel version information.
    • Update the hard link to the final manifest.
    • Update the timeout (for when the NST Feature Release information section is not longer automatically shown, allow for roughly two months).