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Tweak Release Notes

You should copy the release notes to a file named README.txt, review and tweak them prior to uploading the files. For example:

[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ cp nst-24-7977/release-notes-24-7977.txt nst-24-7977/README.txt
[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ emacs -nw nst-24-7977/README.txt

FTP to SourceForge

At this point you can start transferring files to SourceForge. The make -C yum sftp-sf can be used to simplify this task (NOTE: It defaults to Nautilus if the DISPLAY variable is set, unset DISPLAY to remain on the command line).

[nst@nst24-repo repo]$ (unset DISPLAY; make -C yum sftp-sf SFUSER=USERNAME) 
make: Entering directory '/home/nst/repo/yum'
if [ -z "" ]; then \
  sftp USERNAME,; \
else \
  nautilus ssh://USERNAME,; \
Connected to
Changing to: /home/frs/project/n/ns/nst/
sftp> mkdir "NST/NST 24-7977"
sftp> ls NST
NST/NST 20-6535     NST/NST 22-7248     NST/NST 22-7334     NST/NST 24-7977     
sftp> cd "NST/NST 24-7977"
sftp> lcd ../nst-24-7977
sftp> lls
nst-24-7977.tar.gz	README.txt
nst-24-7977.x86_64.iso	release-notes-24-7977.txt
sftp> put README.txt
Uploading README.txt to /home/pfs/project/n/ns/nst/NST/NST 24-7977/README.txt
README.txt                                    100% 1150     1.1KB/s   00:01    
sftp> put nst-24-7977.tar.gz
Uploading nst-24-7977.tar.gz to /home/pfs/project/n/ns/nst/NST/NST 24-7977/nst-24-7977.tar
sftp> put nst-24-7977.x86_64.iso
Uploading nst-24-7977.x86_64.iso to /home/pfs/project/n/ns/nst/NST/NST 24-7977/nst-24-7977.x86_64.iso
sftp> exit
[nst@nst24-repo repo]$