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Opening up the Network Security Toolkit

The screencast: "Opening up the Network Security Toolkit" by Tom Bowers provides a summary of getting started with NST.

Active Connections


The Active Connection Introduction screencast provides a introduction and overview to the Active Connection page.

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Using Nmap in a Live CD Distribution

The video: "Using Nmap in a Live CD Distribution" created by Professor Messer demonstrates how you can use the NST virtual machine to perform a nmap scan.

Technical Notes

Adding Embedded Video Support To MediaWiki

By default, MediaWiki does not support embedding videos. In order to add this feature, the Extension:EmbedVideo extension needs to be added.

Recording A Desktop Session

When running Fedora:

  • Install the gtk-recordmydesktop package.
  • Run the gtk-recordMyDesktop application.
  • Configure and then press the Record button.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+p to pause the recording, or Ctrl+Alt+s to end the recording.
  • Look for output files using: ls ~/*.og*
  • Playback files using the standard movie player (Totem) from the GNOME desktop.

The video: "how to create a screencast from linux desktop" by l3lgl30ss provides an overview.