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Getting started

Consult the MediaWiki Handbook for information on using the wiki software.

NST Specific Tips

Adding SVN Source Code Links

It is possible to add links to Wiki pages that will display the contents of source files making up the NST distribution. The public NST Subversion repository maintained at SourceForge provides HTTP access.

For example, to add a link to the include/javascript/core/Properties.js source file, you would enter the following:

See: [ include/javascript/core/Properties.js]

The above Wiki code should result in a link (shown below) which will display the contents of the source file.

See: include/javascript/core/Properties.js

Adding CVS Source Code Links

If you want to link to the old NST source code under CVS, you will need to use a different URL:

For example, the following Wiki text will create a link to: "include/data/acronyms-db.xml":

See: [ include/data/acronyms-db.xml]

Appears as:

See: include/data/acronyms-db.xml

Edit NST Specific CSS Styles

Use the following links to add/modify NST specifc CSS styles.