Getting Started

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What Can I Download And Use

Full NST Live Distribution

What Do I Do With The ISO Image?

Burn To DVD

Create Bootable USB Thumbdrive

Boot It Under VMware

Booting The System

For a text base interface
Graphical Desktop
If you'd prefer to use a graphical Fluxbox or GNOME desktop

After Booting

For NST Live Usage

  • Login as the root user with the initial default password of nst2003
  • Run nstpasswd to

To Install To Hard Disk

Console Mode

Graphical Desktop

  • Login as the Live System User using the default password of nst2003.
  • Double click on the Install icon on the desktop.
  • Reboot the system.

Running nstpasswd (or, Why isn't httpd/sshd running?)

I Booted The Disk - Now What?