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Throughout the NST Wiki one may encounter the Feature Release Symbol: Thunderbolt.png indicating when a specific NST feature was released. Typically, one will find an attached caption containing the NST Version and the SVN (Apache Subversion) Release Number which represent the actual mark in the life cycle of NST development that the specific feature was released for usage.

Feature Release Information:

  • One can view the NST Project Trac: NST Trac Timeline to get developer information about a particular feature.
  • Public NST users can build NST from the NST SVN Repository - HowTo build NST: HowTo Build NST 2.13.0 and create an NST ISO containing the new feature release.
  • NST Pro users will have early access to new feature releases located in the NST Pro YUM (Yellowdog Updater, Modified) Repository found at the NST Pro Site
  • One can also view the NST Pro News Page for highlights on a particular feature release.